Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

Owen's 3rd birthday was Sunday. We had a party at The Little Gym complete with these darn cute cupcakes.
I used the Chocolate Cake and Choclate Frosting recipes from the What's to Eat Cookbook - the milk-egg-nut free cookbook. The frosting recipe is my favorite though I never realized until I had to make frosting as often as I do that it is really just margarine and sugar. Can you think of anything worse for you?
I am feeling a little guilty though. After all Max got an Ice Bat cake for his party. If I was a Mommy-who-was-on-top-of-things, I would have made a giant cake in the shape of Scoop or Muck from Bob the Builder but lately I am a Mom-just-getting-by.
I have a new favorite cupcake recipe book though. 'Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World' If you want something fancier this is the book for you. I have made the Oreo Cupcakes, The Sexy Low-Fat Vanilla Cupackes with Fresh Berries and Chocolate Cherry Creme Cupcakes. All delicious.


elisha said...

I just bought that book last weekend. I cried when I found it on the shelf, I was so happy. :)

Ariel said...

The look very yummy! I personally am a big fan of cupcakes for this age group... they are all exactly alike, so no fights about who gets which part of the cake, etc.

Allergy Life In Loudoun said...

Hey you - Looks sooo good! I've been getting much too serious on my blog lately and you always bring it right back to normal with your fun posts. You might remember that E and O have the same bday and we are celebrating this Sunday with a Candyland cake. I'm making it myself...we'll see this is such inspiration. I'm foregoing all the bad thoughts about artificial colors and using Starbursts, skittles, twizzlers, dots and yummy earth lollipops. I'm going to try to have a chocolate fondue with Enjoy Life Chocolate too. May have to skip that. I'll try to post pictures soon after. Have a good one.

3 for Me! said...

I love fixing cupcakes too... they seemto hold better without eggs... what are using as the "egg"???

purplemommy said...

Ariel, Good point about no fights. So true.

Allergy Life - That's right I had forgotten that our kids shared a b-day. Take a picture of the Candyland Cake and post it on your blog (I was just remembering your blog on the game itself and the peanut patch)

3 for me - The recipe in What to Eat doesn't seem to use and "egg" substitute. It uses baking soda and vinegar as the rising agent. I'm sorry I can't post it being that it is from a recipe book. But in the past I have used 1 1/2 Tbs water; 1 1/2 Tbs oil; and 1 tsp baking powder per egg needed (mix all ingredients together first and then add to rest of ingredients.