Monday, January 26, 2009

Ticket Please, One Roller Coaster Ride?

I've been having many food allergy annoyances lately from calling Owen's allergist and feeling like she didn't even pick up his medical chart to look at before giving me an answer to Max have an accidental exposure at the school which I have praised and lauded about its allergy awareness. Not to mention Joel Steins ridiculous op-ed in the LA Times. But Owen sans nap means Mommy sans types. My husband got me an I-phone so I could blog from that but seriously have you tried typing on an I-phone?

But, anywho, tomorrow starts the roller coaster ride, the skin test, the blood test and (cross fingers!) the oral challenge! Max's exposure at school was to a crouton containing dairy and.....nothing happened. Though he kept down playing it so much I don't know...I know he so wants to outgrow his allergies. About a month or so ago, it occurred to him "Mommy, what if I never outgrow my allergies." I told him that that was a possibility and that it sucks. Then last week he said "Mommy, my teacher said I have a life-threatening food allergy." I asked about the situation and if he had any questions and he dropped the subject. I think he wants to know and he doesn't. He's so sensitive and intuitive at the same time.

So cross your fingers, say a prayer, milk would be nice to outgrow. A drop in egg would be a nice too though I think outgrowing would be a stretch at this point. Just the indication that it's going that way is my hope. And well, nuts, we'll just assume they stay around. I don't need a miracle. Prayers, deep thoughts, good karma, send it all Max's way tomorrow.


Red Dog said...

My thoughts, prayers, and well wishes - and all my good karma and brainwaves - are with you! GOOD LUCK!!!

Elisabeth said...

Good Luck and fingers crossed!

My son, Hudson, has allergies to nuts and egg and we're hopeful that the egg allergy *might* go away. Not looking good on nuts, but we'll take what we can get. =)

We go for our testing roller coaster in a couple of weeks.

Good Luck, again!!!

KMF said...

Good luck vibes for you and Max!

Ariel said...

oh, good luck! Sort of exciting that he didn't react to the accidental exposure he had at school- hope that means this is all over with for him.

Leigha said...

My 4-yr-old has pretty much the same allergies as Max. I agree -- milk would be great to outgrow (that is actually #1 on my list for foods I'd love for her to be able to eat). I will cross my fingers for you.


emma said...

a response having nothing to do with the allergy side of your post - just wait to see what David will buy you in March :)