Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Foiled by a Little Snow

I looked out the window at what my Wisconsinite mind said "It's only a little snow." I packed up the bag with snacks, books and DVDs bundled up the kids and headed out a little early because I thought it might be slow going. Other crazy people don't know how to drive in the snow.

It wasn't til I was crawling along 267 at 10 mph that I thought "Well, this is not so good." So for the first time that morning it occurred to me to call the allergist's office to see if it was open. Message said "Closed, due to inclement weather."

Turned around, came home. False start to the roller coaster ride.

At least I had a quiet hour in the car, sipping coffee, watching the snow fall while the kids watched a movie.


Nicole said...

I'm sorry your allergist appt. didn't happen today. I can imagine that it's tough getting psyched up for it and then the snow delays it. I hope you can get it soon and let us know how that challenge goes!

China said...

AWWW! How frustrating! When do you go back? Hoping the outcome is good!