Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dreams Coming True

I always had this fantasy of the day Max would be able to eat dairy.  I saw it as a sudden thing.  We would go into the allergist.  He would pass an oral challenge then we would go by all kinds of dairy products take him to his school and have a class dairy party.

Year after year his numbers stayed the same.  When they finally did decline his skin test was still huge.  Once that diminished we failed oral challenges two years in a row.  We were finally given permission to try milk baked in goods but by this time the fear had built in.  Yes, he could tolerate baked milk, he just didn't want to go there.

Today we had an oral challenge to cheese at the allergist.  At he age of 9 1/2 he finally passed.  So do we go home and celebrate with a plethora of cheese products.  No.  The fear is still there.  He also says he doesn't like the taste.  Nonetheless, it's a dream come true.  Something I had almost given up hope on.  At this point though it is not the glorious feeling like the heavens had finally shone bright light upon us that I had expected.  It's more of a "huh, how 'bout that."  I guess because it doesn't mean that Max is going to jump into eating mac n cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.  This too will be a gradual process.  It may still be years before we walk into a pizza joint and get the double cheese stuffed crust pizza.  Dairy went out of our life suddenly with hives and vomiting and swollen faces.  It will enter quietly and gradually they way change usually happens.