Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am still confused about what seeds constitute the avoidance of all seeds. I feel like I need a list or need to make a list. A friend of mine avoids all spices in things for her seed allergic son because spices are generally ground up seeds. But Owen has tolerated mustard in things before and I have a hard time justifying pulling items out of his diet he has eaten safely.

So here is my list of seed avoidance so far: sunflower, sesame, poppy. I know mustard should be on that list but for now I am leaving it in. So what about caraway seeds? Cumin? I use cumin in a lot of dishes.

But as I go through my day I think about the seeds in mundane things like a cucumber or a tomato. How much protein do these contain? Is it stupid to wonder if they are a problem?

Am I missing any obvious seeds out there? What is on your seed avoidance list?

(For more seed info check out comments at Blood Test Results. Some good weigh-ins from a few people.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Post Mortem

Boy did we bring in the peanut laden candy Halloween night! We are talking butterfingers, recess peanut butter cups, peanut m&ms, snickers galore. I was hoping Max would end up with more safe things but people seemed to lack imagination this year. It's a good thing Max is such an enthusiastic trick or treater. He seems to just enjoy the door knocking and people admiring his costume. I knew he'd be okay with me taking all the candy at the end of the evening.

Owen on the other hand was not grasping the gravity of the situation. I grew more worried with each door and Owen's exclamations of "Candy? Yum, yum!" and "A treat for me!" I suddenly realized he had no clue that he didn't get to keep and eat that candy! I was afraid my substitute would not be satisfactory. Max is happy with skittles, starburst, twizlers and gummy lifesavers but Owen not so much a fan. He's more of a chocolate kid so I was hoping my baggie of mini-marshmellows and chocolate chips would be accepted in place of the mound o' candy which he couldn't even carry.

Luckily, he is easily distracted and readily chowed down on his safe treats when we got home.