Friday, October 31, 2008

Where is the Epi-Pen

I knew you all would marvel at the lost Epi-pen and you know what I still haven't heard a word from the nurse. I will say this was the back up Epi. I had already picked up the one from the classroom. So if something had happened, there were two Epi-pens at school. Also, though I know this is probably not legal, there was a stack of Epi-pen Jr.s in her cabinet.

In my last post I said the worst case scenario was Max would be at home for a couple weeks. I should have said that was the BEST case scenario. The WORST case scenario would have been me homeschooling him for a year. Seriously, how do you homeschoolers do it? You must have incredible relationships with your kids. I'm trying to keep Max busy each day, working on handwriting, reading, spelling words but having a hard time balancing Owen's needs and Max's needs. Ahhh! Calgon, take me away...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When I don't post I start getting phone calls. From my best friend, Laurae (HI:) to my Mom, they want to know why I haven't posted anything. Well, my mind has been consumed with Max's school situation. Almost totally non-food allergy related. We've been talking and pondering and worrying and crying (okay David isn't crying, that's my job). And today we finally did it. The correct people were notified in the correct ways and I went to the Catholic school in question and gathered his things. Max is upset. I am upset. Even Max's teacher, the non-warm fuzzy one, was distraught and actually hugged me!

We know this is the right thing for Max. The school and us just didn't "fit" and it wasn't going to get any better. I just couldn't figure out what was bothering me so much about the whole process and the other day it hit me. I was breaking up with a school! The relationship had faltered. I'd had such high hope that this was the one! Then things soured and I had to call it quits. I had to break up with the teacher, the principal, the woman who runs volunteers for lunch duty and the woman who runs volunteers for "Littlest Angels" as well as the school nurse. I have always sucked at breaking up with people! "It's not you, it's me." "Yes, we can still be friends, see you at mass." What makes it worse is I don't have a back-up boyfriend (school) completely lined up. Worst case scenario is Max is home with me for the next week and a half.

So this is the only food allergy component. When I went to break up with the school nurse (who also hugged me and whom I really do like), she couldn't find Max's Epi-pen! I actually left without it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Blood Test Results

I took Owen for a blood test last week. I think I failed to mention how horribly it went. The phlebotomist was not very good and kept moving the needle around in his little arm. He screamed and screamed.

The nurse called with the results yesterday. I wish doctors would call you with results. I know they are busy but I always have questions that the nurse can't answer.

Milk was the biggie at 8.32. I know many of you have children with RAST scores in the 100 level but 8.32 is the largest number we have ever seen. Egg was 1.30. Confusing considering the severity of his past reactions. Peanut was negative. Sunflower seed was .37. Again low considering the all over body hives he gets from contact with it. Sesame was .84. So despite the negative skin test, his sesame RAST went up from last year so sadly makes our list of things to avoid. In fact the nurse said to avoid peanuts, tree nuts (already doing, no biggie), fish and seafood (of course) and ALL seeds. Until he turns 3 which is in like three months. It's the all seeds that has me confused. I am not sure what all seeds entails.

Anybody else avoiding seeds? How do you manage it?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Food Allergy Humor #2

Last week I had dumped a bunch of foam letters in the bathtub with Max and Owen. "Look, I'm making alphabet soup!" I said. (Not that either of them has ever eaten alphabet soup.)

Later Max yelled, "Mom come here! Owen has hives!"

I ran to the bathroom to find Owen standing in the tub with the foam letters stuck all over his little body. "See," Max said, "Alphabet soup hives!"

Food Allergy Humor #1

Owen came to me today and said rather sadly, "I allergic to bugs."

Uh, okay, Owen


I had pulled the bag of french fries out of the freezer for the main reason of checking the calorie/fat/fiber count to record on my Weight Watchers tracking for the day. I hadn't been able to resist stealing 10 of my kids shoestring fries at dinner (just so you know one serving of Cascasdian Farms Shoestring Fries is only 2 points!)

Owen saw me holding the bag and even though he had eaten them for dinner he asked for the first time, "Safe for me?"

Max had always had great awareness of his allergies and by age two would bring me things and say "Mommy, read label?" But Owen has not shown the same awareness (or restraint) when it come to food. So I was quite proud that he seemed to be exhibiting an awareness of his own food allergies. "Yes" I replied "These are safe for you."