Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Foiled by a Little Snow

I looked out the window at what my Wisconsinite mind said "It's only a little snow." I packed up the bag with snacks, books and DVDs bundled up the kids and headed out a little early because I thought it might be slow going. Other crazy people don't know how to drive in the snow.

It wasn't til I was crawling along 267 at 10 mph that I thought "Well, this is not so good." So for the first time that morning it occurred to me to call the allergist's office to see if it was open. Message said "Closed, due to inclement weather."

Turned around, came home. False start to the roller coaster ride.

At least I had a quiet hour in the car, sipping coffee, watching the snow fall while the kids watched a movie.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ticket Please, One Roller Coaster Ride?

I've been having many food allergy annoyances lately from calling Owen's allergist and feeling like she didn't even pick up his medical chart to look at before giving me an answer to Max have an accidental exposure at the school which I have praised and lauded about its allergy awareness. Not to mention Joel Steins ridiculous op-ed in the LA Times. But Owen sans nap means Mommy sans types. My husband got me an I-phone so I could blog from that but seriously have you tried typing on an I-phone?

But, anywho, tomorrow starts the roller coaster ride, the skin test, the blood test and (cross fingers!) the oral challenge! Max's exposure at school was to a crouton containing dairy and.....nothing happened. Though he kept down playing it so much I don't know...I know he so wants to outgrow his allergies. About a month or so ago, it occurred to him "Mommy, what if I never outgrow my allergies." I told him that that was a possibility and that it sucks. Then last week he said "Mommy, my teacher said I have a life-threatening food allergy." I asked about the situation and if he had any questions and he dropped the subject. I think he wants to know and he doesn't. He's so sensitive and intuitive at the same time.

So cross your fingers, say a prayer, milk would be nice to outgrow. A drop in egg would be a nice too though I think outgrowing would be a stretch at this point. Just the indication that it's going that way is my hope. And well, nuts, we'll just assume they stay around. I don't need a miracle. Prayers, deep thoughts, good karma, send it all Max's way tomorrow.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Out, Out Damn Spot

I started this back in October but never published it. He hasn't asked for Sunbutter in awhile though. Not since a lunch box explosion in the van which got Sunbutter all over.

Most days Max asks for sunbutter and apples for his lunch for school. I spread out a paper towel on the counter. I take a butter knife and scoop the sunbutter into a small plastic disposable container. Put the lid on it and immediately place it in his lunch box. I wipe the knife with a paper towel, throw the paper towel away and place the knife in the dishwasher. I then wash my hands.

But like Lady Macbeth I can almost still see, no, feel, the sunflower seed protein burning my skin. It tingles. I wash my hands again. I throw away the paper towel on the counter and wipe it down. Yet, is it still there? I wash my hands again. Invisible proteins swirling down the drain.

For those who don't know our history. Max is not allergic to sunflower seeds but Owen breaks out in massive hives if sunflower seed protein touches his skin.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

Owen's 3rd birthday was Sunday. We had a party at The Little Gym complete with these darn cute cupcakes.
I used the Chocolate Cake and Choclate Frosting recipes from the What's to Eat Cookbook - the milk-egg-nut free cookbook. The frosting recipe is my favorite though I never realized until I had to make frosting as often as I do that it is really just margarine and sugar. Can you think of anything worse for you?
I am feeling a little guilty though. After all Max got an Ice Bat cake for his party. If I was a Mommy-who-was-on-top-of-things, I would have made a giant cake in the shape of Scoop or Muck from Bob the Builder but lately I am a Mom-just-getting-by.
I have a new favorite cupcake recipe book though. 'Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World' If you want something fancier this is the book for you. I have made the Oreo Cupcakes, The Sexy Low-Fat Vanilla Cupackes with Fresh Berries and Chocolate Cherry Creme Cupcakes. All delicious.