Friday, July 25, 2008

Ice Bat

The night before Max's birthday he just couldn't wait for a present so I gave him one. He has been wanting an Ugly Doll. So I gave him and Owen their new friends. Max got Ice Bat and Owen got Ugly Dog. This was followed by Max's bright idea that his birthday cake should not only be a bat cake but an ICE BAT cake. Well, I'm game. Bring it on, I say. Judge for yourself.

Of course Max also needed to make a habitat for Ice Bat. A diorama if you will. Apparently Ice Bat lives in a cave in the Himalayas. Those are snow flakes coming from the ceiling. Later stalagmites and stalactites were added.

He then needed to make a habitat for Ugly Dog who apparently is from Africa. But sadly an image has not been captured of his home. Maybe another day.


Jennifer B said...

Very cute! And nice work!

I've been reading your blog for some time but I do not think I have left a comment before today. Recently, The Nut-Free Mom "tagged" me, and now I am "tagging" you in the spirit of blogging fun! The rules and other tag info are on Food Allergy Buzz.

Have a great weekend!

JG said...


I just wanted to write to say your stories about your kids are so honest and thoughtful. I have three kids and my middle child, who is 5, is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and soy, as well as many non-food things like mold, dust, maple trees, etc. She had an anaphylactic episode last year after coming in contact with some mold. It is such a disheartening condition, especially coupled with her eczema. And product labels don't make it any easier. Hang in there and if you ever need some recipes, just say the word!

Linda said...

Fabulous looking cake. You are a master of the flour and sugar!

Amanda H said...

I just stumbled across your blog. What a great cake you made! My 3 year old son is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts and cats. We did a skin test a few weeks ago and the peanut showed no reaction. We will be having a RAST test done at his 4 year old check up next month. I read your entry about the food challenge -makes me nervous!!!

I have started a food allergy support group in my area. There are only a few moms so far. My website address is

Good luck to you and your boys. I will be checking your blog from now on! Amanda