Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Errupting Volcano Cake

We had a birthday party for Max on Saturday. Of course his party theme has changed MANY times over the past year. He finally decided on a Gormiti/Volcano theme. I did not have to work with fondant after all. Instead I adapted this Volcano cake recipe.

I used my own recipes for the cake and buttercream frosting. Instead of Marshmallow Fluff which contains egg I used Ricemellow Creme. Worked well.

Now we are headed out for vacation. Packing here I come.


I have been in school all summer. I am studying to be a Montessori teacher (ages 3-6). Therefore my blog has really suffered. So here are some quick updates to issues I left hanging.

Tortilla Factory - Went great. Everyone there seemed to be in the know. Max had a black bean taco. No reaction! Yea!

Owen and Sesame - All tests negative. Dr. and I decided his reaction very well could have been cross-contam. Once we are back from vacation we will try an at home challenge.

Owen and Mustard - Positive test result. Grrrr! Dr. wants us to try an at home challenge. Like Owen is going to willing eat mustard directly.

Owen and his other allergies - Numerous environmentals. Eggs and milk - down. Sunflower seed -up.

Max and Weight - Max gained an entire POUND this past year. He's got to be the skinniest 7 year old on the block. Ped. is worried. Looks like we'll be seeing a GI specialist and a nutritionist sometime soon.