Friday, January 23, 2009

Out, Out Damn Spot

I started this back in October but never published it. He hasn't asked for Sunbutter in awhile though. Not since a lunch box explosion in the van which got Sunbutter all over.

Most days Max asks for sunbutter and apples for his lunch for school. I spread out a paper towel on the counter. I take a butter knife and scoop the sunbutter into a small plastic disposable container. Put the lid on it and immediately place it in his lunch box. I wipe the knife with a paper towel, throw the paper towel away and place the knife in the dishwasher. I then wash my hands.

But like Lady Macbeth I can almost still see, no, feel, the sunflower seed protein burning my skin. It tingles. I wash my hands again. I throw away the paper towel on the counter and wipe it down. Yet, is it still there? I wash my hands again. Invisible proteins swirling down the drain.

For those who don't know our history. Max is not allergic to sunflower seeds but Owen breaks out in massive hives if sunflower seed protein touches his skin.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

My oldest love peanut butter. We have on jar back in the nether regions of the top cabinet and on occasion I make him a pb&j sandwich to take to school. I feel the same way about the peanut butter and I refuse to touch it. I creeps me out :)

Jenny said...

I feel the same way about milk. My oldest is allergic to milk, but I have to serve it to my youngest. My hands are usually raw after washing them so much to avoid cross-contamination.

Modern Allergy Mom said...

I do not keep peanut butter in the house - I would be afraid of mixing it up. My kids eat Soy Nut Butter. If your kids are not allergic to soy, you could try that.