Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reaction Today

I have been suspicious of Owen's allergy to sunflower. I know he had all over body hives but his RAST was so low! Was he really allergic?

Well, I think he really is. Today for breakfast I had a piece of toast with Sunbutter. I ate it standing up and washed my hands after. HOURS later I was playing with Owen. Kissing his face and pretending to gobble up his cheek because it makes him giggle. As I pulled him away from me I realized his face was red and splotchy. Crap!

So just to make sure I took a tiny smear of Sunbutter and put it on the back of his calf (I know why do the same experiment if you already know the results. One word DENIAL). Of course he got a few hives on the back of his leg. I washed him with soap and water and gave him a teaspoon of Benedryl. He's fine.

Yes, he really is allergic to sunflower seed. The next step in the grieving process in acceptance.


Melissa said...

Hi, Fellow Mom with Food Allergic Kids! I just found your blogspot, and it is like reading from my own life. I have a daughter (age 6, kindergarten) who is SEVERE milk, a son (age 4) who is egg and unknown milk, and myself (age 34 and stressed out) who is developing a peanut allergy. I will look forward to following your daily roller coaster!

All Adither said...

Oh, shite. I'm sorry.

Maybe he'll outgrow that someday.