Thursday, February 14, 2008

Perplexing RAST Results

Dr. B's office called today with Max's lab results for his RAST. Pretty good turn around for test results at any kind of doctors office. However, we are again left in ambiguity.

The nurse whom I spoke to said that there was some confusion as the RAST results did not match Max's skin test results so they want to re-do the skin test. Great, let's explain that one to Max. I asked if I could have the results and the nurse said it was better if I just came in as the results were "complicated". Now I've been recieving RAST results over the phone for a number of years now, how "complicated" can it be? Dr. B preferred that I come in for a follow-up and a re-do of the skin test and they would explain the results then. Also, if the second skin test results were good we could do a challenge in the office right then for one of the allergens. I thought I had her on this one.

"Okay," I replied "so WHICH food should I bring in?"
"Good question" she said "Just a minute"
She got off the phone and conferred with Dr. B. "I guess you should just come in and we will do the skin test and then schedule a food challenge."

Luckily they have an open appointment for tomorrow. Will things be any clearer then?


KMF said...

I can so relate to not being able to get test results over the phone. It drives me bonkers when I know the nurse is holding the results and then goes off to talk to the doc. Why can't the doc just come to the flippin' phone?!?!?

I'm glad you get to go in tomorrow. I'm sorry Max has to endure another test.


Linda Kerr said...

ugh!!! Good luck, tomorrow.

Ariel said...

That's so frustrating! I hope you get good news today, at least.

sssmarkley said...

My doctor, Dr. B has told me that there is no allergy test that is really accurate enough to be certain of what a person is allergic to, although there are a lot of tests out there. He says you have to "do the work", meaning you have to test yourself using the elimination diet.

All Adither said...

Oh, good luck, good luck, good luck!


purplemommy said...

For sssmarkley (and others) Yes it is true that testing is not foolproof. However, once someone has displayed a history of reactions such as my kids of hives, vomiting and puffy faces, testing can help us ascertain when a food challenge might be successful. I think especially with children allergist don't want to risk a life threatening reaction at home. Indeed, if you have had reactions involving your throat closing due to swelling, wheezing, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, vomiting, direhhea or any other serious reaction to a food, I encourage you to only challenge that food in a doctors office. In light of those types of reactions I think testing can be a valuable tool in assessing your allergies.