Friday, February 8, 2008

Pizza Friday and Fantasies

Now don't think I'm getting racey here. My biggest fantasy going into testing this year was about Max outgrowing his milk allergy. I imagined telling his teacher and asking if we could have a celebration. Cheese for everyone! I imagined introducing him to all the stuff he's been missing out on: whipped cream, ice cream, real pudding, macroni and cheese, PIZZA!

Instead my fantasy has shifted. After getting over the idea that he is not outgrowing milk, I really started to think about all the things he can have if we get rid of egg and peanut as allergens. Canned soup! Egg noodles! French toast! Baking will be much easier. It will change the face of how we eat breakfast.

And outgrowing peanuts! My word, the worlds that open up! I would say 75% of things in the grocery store are cross contaminated with peanut. Moon pies and Synder's pretzels would be options. Grocery store trips are going to take even longer because I will need to re-read every label in the place.

So the roller coaster ride isn't over. I hope, I hope, I hope the blood test results are good!

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Gabs said...

I hope he outgrows peanuts too. Let us know when you hear something!