Monday, February 18, 2008

Freaky Friday

Friday morning my email greeted me with the following:

TO: Me
From: My friend in my food allergy support group

Subject: You're famous!

"Did you know your blog is mentioned in Reader's Digest?? I was just inbed reading my latest RD, and there's a tiny little box on p. 75titled "Get-Real Food Allergy Advice". It mentions 3 blogs, and as I'mreading the intro, I'm thinking, "huh, wouldn't it be funny if one ofthem was Kari's?" And then I get to the third one, and it IS Kari's!!I didn't want to post to the group because I wasn't sure whether youwanted everyone reading your blog, and you may already know about thismention in RD, but just in case you didn't, I thought you should know!You're famous now - people are going to be coming to your blog in muchhigher numbers. NO pressure! :)"

WHAT! At first I thought she must have been mistaken but she confirmed it was true and I went and bought Readers Digest myself and checked and she was right. Right there on page 75 is my blog! The whole thing kind of freaked me out. I went back and forth over the weekend about changing my kids names and ultimately decided not too but did add a counter to the site.

I never intended this blog to be anything other than my own personal therapy in dealing with my kids food allergies though I do think it is important for people to understand the challenges we go through on a daily basis. However, suddenly having my blog published in a magazine is....wierd. I feel like when you speak up in class and suddenly everyone is looking at you and you freeze and your mind totally goes blank. I may have been an actress at one time but sometimes I freak out when I'm in the spotlight. I guess I'll just take a few deep breathes and keep writing.


allergicmom said...

That's cool -- congrats! My freaky experience was when a big newspaper's blog linked to me. They didn't tell me of course, but it was weird nonetheless.

Sooze said...

Thats how I found your blog!! I'm so grateful that there are so many resources out there now!! My son is allergic to Dairy, peanuts, eggs, beef and tree nuts!
Thanks for sharing your insight!!

Linda said...

Woo hoo!!!

Red Dog said...

I love being famous by association! ;) (from the friend that sent you the e-mail) I think you'll do just fine.

The Barfield Family said...

I found your blog in Readers Digest and I wanted to check it out. I have 2 boys one with allergies and my youngest does not. My oldest Griffin is allergic to eggs, tree nut and peanuts as well as dust mites which triggers asthma! love the blog, thanks for your insight!

All Adither said...

Good. You'll be a great source for people who need support and just want to read another's experience with food allergies!