Friday, December 14, 2007

Pizza Friday

Last day of school before the winter break and holiday concert day. The day before Max's teacher said one little girl wasn't going to be returning and she wanted to bake something for the class. Usually when baking comes up I just offer to do it but I have this terrible cold and felt like me baking something for a bunch of people would set off an epidemic. So I think the teacher was surprised when I said "Sure I've got lots of recipes. Why don't you stop by our house and pick them up?" She did come by. I gave her recipes and soy milk, as she had none herself.

The cake looked good. Max was extremely surprised he was allowed to eat it to. He asked me three times if it was safe for him.

I do wonder about Max getting paranoid about his allergies. Max was again sitting by himself when we joined him in his classroom but at least the table was near the other children instead of tucked in a corner surrounded by book shelves. He told me right away that he wanted to sit by himself because he didn't want to be by the other children eating pizza. I wonder if there is some jealousy in his actions. Some feelings of realizing he is different and so segregating himself from the other children. I do hope he outgrows milk soon. I hate that he might feel different than other children.

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