Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Nuts (pun totally intended)

I bought a book recently titled "Yule" in order to prepare for my upcoming Solstice party. (The solstice has long been my favorite day of the year and though I celebrate it I am not Wiccan or Pagan). The book is a little to wiccanly spiritual for me. Lots of ritual blessing and chanting. I was more looking for recipe and decorating ideas. I'll give it to my sister when I'm done; she is a practicing wiccan.

But to get to the point. One of the decorating ideas required gluing nuts to wreaths and yule logs and I thought "Well, not in this house." However, nuts and holidays brought up a childhood memory. I have already posted about Jack Robinson's Hardware and the peanuts on the floor. The other nutty memory I have recalls my Grandmother's house during the holidays. She always had a bowl of whole nuts set out in one of those bowls that looks like a hollowed out log. I loved going over there and cracking walnuts, brazil nuts and almonds. By New Year's the bowl had always been picked over so the filberts were the only nuts remaining.

Are there any holiday traditions your food allergic child can't participate in?

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