Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Busy Busy Allergists

I called the allergist to make appointments for the boys yesterday. I was aiming for February appointments so was quite proud of myself for calling so far in advance. When I said so to the receptionist her reply was "Oh, I don't think so." The earliest appointment for Max's skin test was April 16 and the earliest appointment for Owen's egg challenge (still makes my heart skip a beat) was April 1st (April Fool's day for a food challenge? Seems like a bad omen.)

Allergist are increasingly hard to get into. Talking to our allergist at a visit last year, I mentioned the area needed a support group. He said "Well, you won't have a lack of members. When my partner and I opened our business in the early 80's we had no idea food allergies would be this prevalent. It's an epidemic."

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