Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mom, aka Daisy

Max is king of pretend play. We are constantly talking about or being dinosaurs, Pokemon characters, Ben Ten characters, various animals or monsters. The most interesting games which I think give me insight to Max's little psyche, are when we are people.

Most recently I have been assigned the role of Max's cousin. My name is "Daisy". My husband likes this role play and has been wondering aloud if I should get a pair of really short shorts.

The interesting part is that Daisy is allergic to all the things Max is and Max, in our game, is not allergic to anything and can eat anything he wants. So the other day I had given him a marshmallow which to Max is like handing him a candy bar. Yum, city! He is eating the marshmallow saying, "Yum, this cheesy marshmallow is soooo good." (Cheesy marshmallow, gross!) "Too bad you can't have any of this cheesy marshmallow, Daisy." (Really, I don't mind.) "I'm going to have to wash my hands when I am done eating because you are allergic to cheese, remember Daisy?"

We play this game quite often lately, me being the allergic cousin and him being himself without allergies. I wonder what this says about him and his thought process about his allergies? Is he feeling left out? Is that why he needs to create a character outside himself who is also left out? Maybe I am reading too much into but lately he has been doing a lot of "When I am no longer allergic to milk, I will eat yogos or go to Chuckie Cheese to play all of the games." How much do I let him hope? Pretend?

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Angie said...

Max's pretending is probably a great way for him to work things out in his mind. I wouldn't inhibit it at all. I think it's great that he has the imagination to do that and that you're aware and attentive enough to go along.