Monday, September 24, 2007

Pizza Friday on a Monday!

Again Max did not eat the pizza. I took a picture so you could see how tasty it looked.

So today while grocery shopping I remember my mother telling me to use an English muffin. I had dismissed it at the time because I hadn't found an English muffin that did not contain a milk ingredient. So just to see I decided to check out the English muffin labels. All the Thomas brand contained milk but way at the end of the bread isle I found the Weight Watchers brand English muffins and lo and behold, no milk or egg or nuts. Of course we will all have to chuckle at my 32 pound 5 year old eating a "diet" English muffin.

I let him put it together himself for dinner. I put some sauce on and he added the toppings. And you know what, he ate one whole half! I then tried adding up the calories for half a muffin with a few sausage bits, olives, carrots. Okay, probably less than 100 calories, but tasty for all you weight watchers out there. We are going to give it a go this upcoming Friday. This may be the pizza substitute we've been looking for!


Angie said...

That's so great about the pizza! It's a major celebration when you can find something new they can eat!

Hooray for substitutions!

Angela said...

Your blog is very interesting, I happened across it looking for other allergy-free recipes. Luckily I don't have to deal with school issues yet, and my son's birthday party included all friends who were moderately allergic/sensitive and we were able to have cake and rice dream to include everyone. Love the pizza idea; did you ever try it on a homemade tortilla?