Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Owen's Last Allergy Visit

I had said I would finish the story of Owen's last allergy visit since we got his latest RAST scores. Short of the long of it, yes, we will need to continue avoiding sunflower at least for a year when we retest again. Less than .35 is listed next to a tested allergen when IGE is undetectable for that allergen. At .24 sunflower was below what is generally considered negative but there is still some detectable level of IGE. She encouraged me however to give him sesame since he has had it before with no reaction.

We tried sesame in the form of hummus this weekend and then again yesterday. He seems fine, no hives, etc. I thought maybe his diaper was messier and stinkier than usual but I don't know if that gives a real clear line for saying it is or isn't one of his allergens.

The allergist also suggested an egg challenge since his number was low and he has never actually had egg. I felt the breath leave my body when she said this. I can't imagine life with eggs in this house. It makes me nervous just to think about challenging. We decided to wait six months. It might give his gut a little more time to mature.

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Angie said...

I feel exactly this way about peanuts. If someone suggested that my second child, Claire, eat peanuts I would just about pass out. As far as I'm concerned, Peanuts = poison around here with Max's allergies.