Saturday, September 15, 2007

People Who Care

Friday, there was a note taped to my front door. It was an article from the Wall Street Journal. My neighbor had thought of me, cut it out and put it on my door with a cute picture of one of her daughter's. I wish I could find the article online for you all but, alas, I looked to no avail. Apparently you need to subscribe to the journal online to see it. In a nutshell (a little food allergy humor there!), it was about finding allergen free snacks online and did a good review of 5 different online companies. A few I have ordered from before.

Today Max's school had a back to school celebration. They had a popcorn cart and an ice cream cart. We popped our own corn before we went and put a couple Tofutti Cutie Ice Cream Sandwiches in a cooler and walked over to school to enjoy the giant obstacle course and moonbounce.

While we were there one of the mom's from Max's class came over to tell me she had seen the Wall Street Journal article, copied it and put it in my mailbox. Later another mom told me she had done the same thing! She had even taken it to the office to be copied and distributed to the whole school. They were both impressed with the a newspaper running a "solution." Something concrete they could do. Buy safe treats.

What this said to me was that other people cared about my kid. It was a nice gesture from each and every one of them. They cared enough to take the time to cut out an article and bring it to my attention. It was nice.

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