Monday, September 15, 2008

Strength in Numbers

The surprising thing that came out of "being the honey" regarding Mrs. S. birthday celebration on Friday is that I found out there is another child in the class with just as many allergies as Max and perhaps then some. I knew there was another peanut allergy in the class as there are two epi-pens in the classroom and I knew that Max sits next to a boy at lunch who has an egg allergy. Turns out the two are in the same family. Twins! With food allergies! Boy and girl. The girl is allergic to peanut, tree nut, egg, soy and, I think, shellfish.

I talked with their mother on the phone. It was humbling and relieving and sad and GREAT to talk to her. And the best part was that the class parents turned the whole food thing over to us. And Ms. S. said she would prefer fruit for her party. So that is what other allergy Mom and I are providing. Fruit. Perfect.

On another note, a friend of mine who has been a long time reader of my blog, recently joined the food allergy club. I know she never thought she'd be here. Her son recently tested positive for peanut, almost all tree nuts, egg and corn. I know she is having a hard time. It's so hard to walk in these shoes until you have them on. I know she wants reassurance. So, I can't tell you that your son will outgrow any of his allergies. No one can tell you that. You didn't do anything to cause them and you couldn't have done anything to prevent them. Take those thoughts out of your head. But you can do this. You and your son are stronger then you ever imagined. I know adults with food allergies and parents of adults with food allergies. They have made it and turned in to great, strong people. You and your son will be there someday. In the meantime, grieve and learn and lean on some people and educate and don't be bitchy like me. And some day you will be giving this same advice to someone who has been newly diagnosed.

Welcome to the club. Sorry you had to join.


Christine said...

Isn't is both awful and great to have someone else in the club.

My sympathy to your friend with the child who tested positive to corn, please tell her that corn is used in manufacture of a lot foods and that is not required to be labeled.

Links to the corn free info sites are here:
There are other parents on the Delphi Forum, so that is a great place for her to ask questions.

Poor mom & kiddo, it is a lot to deal with, welcome to the allergy world, plus an allergy to a food that is in everything but is not on the labels. I wish her the best!

Allergy Life In Loudoun said...


After playing phone tag, I also talked to a Mom today new to the allergy world and still trying to sort it all out. I tried telling her many things you say here, but not as eloquently as you!

Amanda H said...

love reading your blog. You're not a bitch! :)