Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adding an Allergen?

History: Owen is 2. Allergic to milk, egg and sunflower seed. Tested positive for sesame last year with a .44. The allergist asked if he had had sesame and yes he had, by accident (hummus), but liked it so much and had no reaction so I let him continue eating it. Allergist said this was okay. He has over the last year eaten lots of hummus and sesame crackers, etc. He is allergic to sunflower seed. Gets all over body hives from sunflower protein (namely sunbutter) touching his skin BUT RAST tested at .24 (what?). Has never consumed sunbutter but previously ate numerous things with sunflower oil.

Current issue: Two days ago I had bought a box of Owen and I's favorite crackers. Back to Nature's Ginger Sesame Crackers (contains sesame seeds and expeller pressed sesame oil). We have been known to polish off the whole box in one day. He ate quite a few in the morning. After nap I gave him a baggie of them as we picked up Max from school. When we got home he had a few hives on his stomach and then some on his face. Later he had a loose stool. All day yesterday he had diarrhea which has left his little bum red and raw. So I think it is a mild reaction to something and is similar to his milk reactions. We had started giving him whole milk yogurt and things containing milk after he turned one (pressure from pediatrician because he was underweight) and it always resulted in a few hives and diarrhea. (To which one of the pediatricians at the practice we go to did not think indicated an allergy and wanted me to start WHOLE MILK in a cup instead of eliminating milk all together, idiot).

So I am left wondering was his reaction to sesame (he ate A LOT of crackers) or cross contamination. I know that Back to Nature also makes a White Cheddar Rice Cracker and I read in Kids Food Allergy blog that Back to Nature does not do a good job with cross contam labeling.

What do you all think?


Ariel said...

I don't think you can know either way unless you test with some pure sesame product, like maybe some tahina? Cross-contamination is a pain- I just bought Maya some cookies that *should* have been fine, but she broke out in hives right after she ate them. A pain, too, because these "allergy free" foods are not cheap.

3 for Me! said...

I guess I was thinking elminate the whole milk yogurt and don't give him any crackers for a while... then see what happens... more diarrhea? more rash?

Then add yogurt back.... symptoms? Then switch it and see if he reacts to the crackers?

I usually hand the allergist a list of possible allergens... and I've got a GOOD record...except once I though my son was allergic to soy... but thank goodness it's a safe food for us!!

3 for Me! said...

I've got a similiar issue with some soy yogurt that has milk cultures in it... was told it would be "safe" for my milk-allergy kids... but I think they get loose stools from it...

which stinks b/c they LOVE it!! extra protein and calcium:) And an very,very easy breakfast:)