Sunday, September 7, 2008

Medic Alert Bracelets

I bought Max this Medic Alert Bracelet because I think it is time he start wearing one. I got him something "cool" looking because I thought he would be more willing. No such thing. He keeps hiding it on me. I just found it again.

My husband doesn't see why he needs to wear one. He is safe enough at school and otherwise barely out of our sight. Even Max comes up with why he shouldn't have to wear it. The other day when I was asking him to wear it to the gym he argued that they didn't serve snacks there so he was safe without it. Besides he won't eat anything he isn't supposed to.

So does he need to wear it? And how do I get him in compliance?


heather said...

Hi! My son is allergic to Soy,Peanuts,Eggs,Wheat and Dairy. I started a website and I thought you might be interested in it because all the recipes are free of Soy,Peanuts,Eggs,Wheat and Dairy.

Modern Allergy Mom said...

I also purchased medic alert braclets for my boys. I can not get either child to wear them for very long. I am going to keep trying. I also want the boys to wear them at the gym.

lizardcat said...

I used to think I didn't need one either. My son was a nursing, allergic 15-month-old, ALWAYS by my side. Then he had a freak accident (I'll spare you the gory details--btw, he had a full recovery) and we ended up separated in the hospital. Worse, I kept passing out from all the blood, so I couldn't communicate his allergies to the many people who were coming in and out of his room. We were very lucky--no one tried to give him milk or cookies to calm him down--but I ordered the bracelet the night we came home from the hospital. You don't like to think about them, but car accidents, etc., happen all the time, and your child could end up in the care of someone else. Depending on the state he's in, he may not be able to communicate his allergies to his caretakers. Since my son was so young when he got his bracelet, he can't remember life without it, so I don't have any advice on getting your son to keep his on. Maybe talk to the Medicalert staff (who are great). But please get one!

Linds said...

We purchased a medic alert bracelet for our son (anaphalactic to peanuts/tree nuts, dairy allergy)

I go back and forth on whether he needs it or not. We try to have him wear it when we are out in public, mall, state fair, etc. and on car rides. I'm not very thorough with it though. I just keep thinking if we're seperated or in an accident and someone gave him a pb sandwich. Eek! I don't want to think about it!

Red Dog said...

I'm in agreement that it's what you don't know about and can't predict that are the reason for the bracelets. We've wanted to get my daughter one, but I'm having trouble finding anything tiny enough for her wrist (the smallest at one site was 7 inches - her THIGH isn't 7 inches!). I know she's safe in my sight and any place we'd leave her, but what if we get separated? What if we have a car accident? What if the nanny loses her at the park? I know it stinks to have yet another thing the poor kid's got to deal with where the allergy sitch is concerned, but I say stick to your guns on this one - it could be a lifesaver.

Molly said...

We have one for our DD (dairy, egg, peanut and cats) and it never comes off. I took the advice of a mom at the park not to take it off DD, so that is one of those things (like carseats) that isn't up for discussion. If you make it optional then it can become a power struggle. She is nearly 2 and has had it for about 3 months. The first few days she asked me to take it off a couple of times but then got used to it and now points to it every time I say 'allergy'.
I got the petite stainless steel from Medic Alert and had a jeweler size it for me. The Medic Alert people were really helpful with the sizing and wording, the sizing problem was on my end.
Another nice thing about it is that people have asked what it is for and I've been able to talk about/educate about food allergies.

All my love, Carmen said...

I find my girl's hidden all over the house. I may have to start welding it to her wrist.

Speedbump Kitchen said...

Please let me know what you do for a boy! For my princessy girl, I just made it look really pretty with a pretty band. She's kind of a Nervous Nelly, so she actually feels safer when she wears it, like it protects her somehow. My boy, wow. That will be a challenge, but judging from how boys take risks, I think I'll insist. Have you checked out engraved tags from Not a true "medic-alert" band with all the yearly fees, but good enough to put your number on and the allergies in case of an emergency.