Monday, September 22, 2008

Sesame Allergy...Or Not

We just got back from the allergist where Owen had a skin test for milk, egg, peanut, soy, wheat, strawberry and, of course because of our recent experience, sesame. Interesting outcome. Sesame was completely negative. It barely even got red. We will still follow up with a RAST (time for our annual testing anyway) but for us skin tests have generally been a good indication of allergy.

Results of the others some happy surprises and some not happy non-surprises. Peanut was also negative. Yea! We have never tested peanut before so cross fingers that we have dodged the peanut bullet. Egg was a HUGE positive. Second in size only to Max's first peanut scratch test at age 1. No surprise really considering Owen's last experience with egg. Milk was positive but not much larger than the control and soy and strawberry weighed in with a little red bump for each. As he is consuming both regularly, Dr. B. thought these were still okay for us.

So again, sesame allergy or cross-contam with those darn Back to Nature crackers? (David just thinks 2 year old 25 pound boys should just not consume a half a box Ginger Sesame Crackers.)

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