Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Entries!

Boy, I totalled a whole two entries last month. I really am a slacker. Thing is sometimes I just get tired of food allergies. Talking about them. Blogging about them. I thought about a lot of other things to blog about but kept pushing food allergy thoughts aside. Alas it is an everyday part of my life so back to business.

We just got back from vacation in Alabama. We drove so there is the whole traveling with food allergies thing. The only place I have continued to stop for food is McDonalds. I know that their labeling for their fries changed a few years back but as they never presented a problem for us I have continued to let Max have them. However, I am sick to death of McDonald's. So on the way down I had us stop at Subway. They seem to have changed their kids meal recently. The previous round sandwiches contained egg (remember the sort of yellowish coloring). Now they just use the regular white bread but cut it in half. Max ordered a sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, and olives (the guy in front of me asked if was becoming a vegan a little early). I ordered Owen a turkey sandwich. They both got apple slices.

Max took all the veggies off his and ate only the bread. Owen ate just the turkey and left the bread. Next time I'll just order a turkey sandwich and they can split it between them.


3 for Me!! said...

Totally understand the "being sick of McDs".... but if I stay away from their milk items, we have a pretty uneventful meal....and they usually have pretty cool indoor playgrounds for those hot and rainy days we're out.

I'll see singing the same song in two weeks as we are traveling for the week and will be mostly eating out or doing very simple sandwich meals... definitely bringing the Benadryl and the Epis.

3 for Me!! said...

opps I meant to write I'll BE singing the same song:)

mama o' the matrices said...


Had coffee with the parent of another kid in the Eldest's class. An hour later, she asked me: do you ever stop thinking about allergies and hemophilia? Because it's pretty much all you talk about!


All Adither said...

Subway is one of our only go-tos for eating out. I'm grateful for it!

I've considered starting a food allergy blog too, but like you, I think about it ALL the time. It's not what I necessarily want to think about when I don't HAVE to.

Keep up the good work though. You're making everyone who comes to your blog more aware.