Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peanuts in Weird Places

For the past two years I have been having problems with ear infections. Three really bad ones that just would not go away. Well, I wanted to get to the "root" of the problem. So after many PCP visits and THREE ear doctors I have a legitimate answer. Eczema in my ears. Some people have a problem where they have cronic itching in my ears (brought on by my enviromental allergies?). In any case, I pick at my ears or use Q-tips which introduce bacteria or the skin in my ears cracks allowing moisture to take hold causing a fungal growth. Bad news all around.

However, my new ear doctor said, there is a product out now that helps with ear eczema. Just a few drops a day for a week and my ears won't itch. Relief!

Out of habit I turned the sample over to check the label. Second on the inactive ingredients? PEANUT OIL! Seriously, peanut oil. In ear drops!

I held out using it for a week and last night concluded I needed to stop my ears from itching (more sneezing and runny nose lately too like I said allergies?). So I used the peanut oil drops. I'm just paranoid about them though. I wash my hands constantly and treat them like they are the deadliest of drugs I have in my cabinet. (Which okay, they just might be.)

What unlikely place have you found peanuts?


elisha said...
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elisha said...

i remember reading that an antihistamine we used on a regular basis may contain a peanut product. an antihistamine with peanut!!! we had been using them on a long trip where our son had had allergy problems (on the airplane, in the hotel). no wonder! he was possibly getting trace amounts of peanut with each dose. (edited comment)

Linds said...

It's amazing what you don't think to check the label on. Thanks for the reminder.

You tagged me and my tagged post is up if you want to check it out.

Allergy Mom said...

I was tipped off that milk protein was in a medication for my son, fortunately before I gave it to him. Grrr... Libby

Speedbump Kitchen said...

I think you're talking about DermaSmooth. I went to a dermatologist for my kids' eczema and he prescribed it, even knowing about her allergies. I met a drug rep for the company and he said the oil is so refined that there is no protein in it to cause a reaction...but I still wouldn't risk it on my kid. Why would they choose peanut oil of all things? Don't they know that rashy people are more likely to have nut allergies? My latest surprise was Strawberry Chex cereal...looks close enough to rice chex with strawberry glaze...but has peanut, milk and soy! Who uses peanut flour anymore! You and Libby have reminded me that I need to do a post on prescribed medications and allergens..there are a lot more....