Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I treated myself yesterday. I hired a babysitter and went grocery shopping by myself! I have started going to a different store. Tried out a few locations. And yesterday decided I liked it enough I would surrender my name and address to them so they can track my spending and sell my name (don't know if they do that really) and got the shoppers club card.

I have been searching for a store where I can buy Silk Soy Yogurt and Oeros, Applegate Farms Turkey Bologna and Oscar Meyer hot dogs, Follow Your Heart Soy Mozzerella and Minute Maid Frozen Orange Juice. That perfect blend of foods we need for my allergic kiddos and the stuff you find at the regular grocery stores. Wegman's has it all. Almost a perfect balance.

Could still use a little help getting some of my other favorite products there, like Tuffutti Ice Cream! Why is no one selling Tuffuti. Also, Fruit A Bu fruit roll-ups, Fleischman's Unsalted Margarine and Back to Nature Sesame and Ginger Crackers (Owen and I can eat a whole box it one day.) Also not liking the hummus options at Wegmans.

For more opinons on products see Kids Food Allergy Blog.

But in general, Wegmans is it. I have begun a new grocery store relationship. I'm digging it. Even bought myself a latte there while I browsed the great kitchen items they have there.


Modern Allergy Mom said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE Wegmans! Over the lazst 2 years I have completly converted into a Wegmans shopper. I habe found so many great products for my kids. They even re arranged a section of their freezer and fabled it gluten free.
I have also compared their prices and they are cheaper than other stores. The milk is even the same price as Costco. Just stay away fron the prepared foods section if you can. That gets a little spendy.
And - the best part - I can put my 2 older kids in the kids club while I shop. They love it! (There is no foods allowed)
I despise going to Giant now.

Playmaker said...
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All Adither said...

I can't find Tofutti either! Am vexed.

madi & ben's mom said...

I've never heard of your tuffutti but if you go to at the bottom of the page they have a store locater and will let you search a 30 mile radius from any town. We get Soy Dream Ice cream from Walmart.