Thursday, January 31, 2008

Skin Test Results - Sorry about the confusion

So after some phone calls and comments I realized I need to clarify:

Milk - Skin test is a definate positive. Doesn't look like he will be outgrowing this year or perhaps ever. The wheal was a 12. In fact the size of the wheal has never changed from the time he was first tested at age one. I may have to deal with the fact that he may never outgrow milk. Hence "nope, nope, nope." Hasn't outgrown, down the roller coaster we go.

Egg - Completely negative. Not even a bump.

Peanut - Very small wheal. Even smaller than the control histamine.

The "still hope" for egg and peanut is because we still need to do the blood test. If the RAST numbers come back good (meaning they are down or the same as last years numbers which were in the low to moderate levels) we will be looking at oral challenges for egg and peanut within the next year!

A little sun, a little half empty, glass half full. Haven't sorted out my own feelings yet.


All Adither said...

That's very encouraging about the peanut and egg! My Max is never expected to outgrow nuts. We're hoping on the dairy and egg, though his numbers have barely gone done and he's almost five.

Sorry about the milk. That's a tough one. People don't seem to respect that allergy the way they do peanuts.

I just talked to a store clerk today who was diagnosed with a sheep's milk allergy in her 60s. She said she ate some and had a full on reaction. You never know, with anybody, what can happen. Good or bad.

Sharyl62 said...

Dear Purplemommy, I have a five year old who was diagnosed with dairy, egg
and peanut allergies at the age of 4&1/2. He is now 5&1/2 and I relate to everything you have written. Recently Jacob was invited to a birthday party at Chuckie cheeses and after debating it in my head for a week I finally did not let him go. School as a nightmare for me as his teacher kept giving him snacks with dairy in them. Since he is a young five I pulled him until next year hoping he outgrows some of this by then. I would love to correspond with another mom who is going through this, if you would like to contact me my e-mail is Good luck and God bless.