Friday, January 11, 2008

Mommy Secrets

SHHHH! Don't tell anyone, I have been eating EGGS in my own house! Egg whites to be exact. In my desire to lose weight I decided I need a low fat high protein breakfast and well for me nothing satisfies this more than eggs. So I bought a special "egg" pan meaning that the only thing this pan is to be used for is eggs. I eat them while Max is at school and I choose to get the cartons of egg whites because I felt this would be less messy than cracking eggs.

We have tried at various times to eat eggs here since Max's diagnoses 4 1/2 years ago. When he was two frying an egg in the house resulted in a screaming Max (like he was in pain) and hives on his torso. He would only calm down once we had taken him outside and aired out the house.
Hence, we stopped frying eggs.

While I was pregnant with Owen I craved eggs. So I designated an egg pan and boiled eggs while he was at school. This system worked fine until my sister came to stay with us after Owen was born. I forgot to tell her about the egg pan and one morning she made Max's oatmeal in the "egg" pan. After a few bites he said "My lips are burning." and developed a few hives around his mouth. The egg pan got thrown out.

So two years later, I am trying it again. Owen will challenge eggs at the doctors office in April and hopefully Max is outgrowing and we will tell all visiting relatives about the "egg" pan.


Ariel said...

LOL- I ate a bowl of shredded wheat in the kitchen today while Maya was watching Sesame Street, and just prayed the whole time she would not come into the room! I frequently eat cereal while hiding in the basement, but today I decided to live dangerously.

ep said...

you are both welcome to come over anytime & eat eggs & wheat in my home :)

All Adither said...

Claire and I have been eating eggs while Max is at preschool. I feel a little guilty about it, but I love getting the protein into both of us.

Angie (