Monday, January 28, 2008

The Roller Coaster Begins

An earlier post talked about the difficulty getting an appointment at my allergist so on the recommendation from someone in my food allergy support group, I called to make an appointment with a new allergist, a woman who did her fellowship with the famous Dr. Wood. They could get me in in two weeks! Our appointment is Thursday. So begins the roller coaster. The up hill I hope, I hope, I hope followed by the downhill, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

I told Max today that he had an allergist appointment this week (thinking I was distracting him from some other tragedy going on in his life). "Are they going to poke me again?" followed by crying. I tried to explain that this was necessary, that we had to find out if he's outgrown anything. This did not help. And I realized it's as much a roller coaster of emotion for him as well.

So this week is met with apprehension, a few tears and I hope, I hope, I hope.


KMF said...

I'm hope, hope, hoping with you!


Linda Kerr said...

I hope too.

All Adither said...

Hoping here too. I'll be going on my own personal coaster this summer.

Canico~Gateway FEAST Co-Coordinator said...

Best of luck...It stinks to have to go through this on either end....I need your help...could you please go to the blog titled "The Mother Load" and help me tell these people the truth about Meredith Broussard's article! Her and her sister and really frustrating me. Her message was just posted yesterday. I would appreciate it. Thanks!
A mother with a child who has severe allergies to peanuts & egg.

albertson1 said...

Last year, my grandson was diagnosed with celiac disease. I started learning EVERYTHING I could about it and how to feed him. Come to find out that if he does NOT eat any gluten (no wheat, rye, barley) then he can be perfectly healthy, including no food allergies, etc. Wheat is a pro-inflamatory food that has over the years been hybrid to contain more gluten than before and attacks the intestines so they don't absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed to help the body function at its best. The result of a gluten free diet is stronger bones, muscles, tendons, etc. And, there isn't anything you can't have, but you either need to find it or make it(out of different flours) Most of my family and friends are gluten free and extremely healthier,now. 81% of the population are passing this on to their children.Check it out for yourself!