Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Weekend Away

We are heading out tomorrow for a woody adventure, a cabin by a lake in the quiet Maryland mountains. As you can imagine, traveling with food allergy kids is an adventure in itself.

We don't dine out. Ever. (okay the occasional McDonalds but that is it) Eating out with the number of allergies we have is too complicated and the few times we have tried, I have still had tiny panic attacks with each bite my child takes. It is too nerve wracking and honestly too risky.

So we will cook each meal, which takes a little planning. Here's the menu:
Day 1
Dinner - Hobo dinners cooked over the open fire - wrap up some hamburger, potatoes other veges of your choice, add a little oil, salt and pepper - dinner camping style.
Dessert - S'mores - safe graham crackers, marshmellows and chocolate bars. The chocolate bars I have to make myself. I melted down some dairy free chocolate chips and poured them into a mold tonight. They are hardening as I type. If I had really planned in advance I could have ordered some candy bars from Amanda's Own.
Day 2
Breakfast - Pancakes and sausage - I will package up the dry ingredients in a baggy with the recipe. Mix dry and wet together in the morning. Voila! Pancakes.
Lunch - Sandwiches. Not very exciting but it's something everyone will eat.
Dinner - We will have have to grab something at a local store to grill.
Day 3
Breakfast - Banana muffins and bacon - Again I need to package up the dry ingredients tonight. Who doesn't love bacon?
Lunch - Sandwiches again
Dinner - home again home again jiggety jig.

Of course I will pack a little contraband cheese and crackers for David and I to enjoy after the munchkins are in bed. Not to mention the three bottles of wine. Hot tub here I come!


Linda Kerr said...

How did it go this weekend?

purplemommy said...

Very well. The kids LOVED the hot tub!