Monday, October 22, 2007

Food Allergy Challenge of the Day

When I dropped Max off this morning for school the director of the school said Max's teacher wanted to speak to me regarding a snack being served in the afternoon so could I please go down to the classroom. Max would of course prefer that I always walk him to the classroom so he was happy.

Max's teacher told me that it was "alumni" day. Kids from the elementary school would be visiting their old classrooms and then they would have an ice cream social. Was there any safe ice cream Max could have? I suggested Tuffutti and told her she could find it at Safeway. I offered to go buy it myself. She then asked about sprinkles. I said Max loved sprinkles (he really does and would sneak them out of the drawer where I keep such supplies if I let him.) However, last time I looked for sprinkles at Safeway I found the CakeMate brand all had allergy warnings on them (May contain trace amounts...). So I was on the way to Target anyway and told her I would find something there and bring it in. The only sprinkles Target had were in Haloween colors. They had a Target label but the small print told me they were made by Wilton. I believe Wilton is okay? There were no allergy warnings. Ingredients looked fine.

On the way to school I also stopped at Whole Foods and bought Tufutti Ice Cream in Chocolate and Vanilla. All were delievered to school and Max enjoyed the ice cream social with some of his classmates from last year. (He attends a Montessori school which has classes of mixed age groups.)

This is all quite boring I realize. It's just that while I was doing all this I thought "It's a good thing I am a stay-at-home Mom, otherwise this would have been a hectic activity to get safe items to my son's school at the last minute." The teacher could have given me a heads up last week or even sent an email this weekend. I'll cut her some slack because I do really like her.

PS I used "so" way too many times in the post. Need to work on my writing style.


yolanta said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I like your blog. I read the whole thing and thanks God I'm not alone. My 5 year old boy has milk, egg, nuts and seeds allergies and we do struggle with kindergarten. Last year we were hoping for him to outgrow his milk allergy (we went to Baltimore to Dr. Woods for food chalange...he didn't pass) we are in loudoun county, but I've heard about your support group in fairfax. My boy is very social and loves the parties:-) I will try to make it to your next meeting and hoply meet you in person. Thank you.

Angie said...

That's true. It is good that you're a stay-at-home. Sometimes I think people take advantage of this. I'm glad you were able to get the good stuff for Max.

purplemommy said...

Thanks guys. Yolanta, I'll try to post the next meeting info on my blog. Hope we can meet.