Friday, October 31, 2008

Where is the Epi-Pen

I knew you all would marvel at the lost Epi-pen and you know what I still haven't heard a word from the nurse. I will say this was the back up Epi. I had already picked up the one from the classroom. So if something had happened, there were two Epi-pens at school. Also, though I know this is probably not legal, there was a stack of Epi-pen Jr.s in her cabinet.

In my last post I said the worst case scenario was Max would be at home for a couple weeks. I should have said that was the BEST case scenario. The WORST case scenario would have been me homeschooling him for a year. Seriously, how do you homeschoolers do it? You must have incredible relationships with your kids. I'm trying to keep Max busy each day, working on handwriting, reading, spelling words but having a hard time balancing Owen's needs and Max's needs. Ahhh! Calgon, take me away...


elisha said...

we just started a two day home/three day school program for the boys this year. it is quite challenging. my kids are 9, 7 and 2. many days--at home--i can and will be heard saying, "just a minute, let me take care of your sister." to which the reply is always, "MO-OOOO-OOO-OOM!!"

and, i didn't comment before, but WHAT?! couldn't find the epi??

3 for Me! said...

I'm "homeschooling/preschooling" my oldest (for many reasons, but thankful for our choice b/c she does have food allergies)... so I have a 4 yr old, almost 3yr old and an almost 2 yr old.. and we do a little each day..

Anyway, I wanted to encourage you (for as long as you have Max home) that our first couple of weeks of homeschooling was doing a little bit of work and getting our roles and schedules straight:)

But it has been fun to see them learn and progress through lessons:) I hope you can enjoy this time schooling Max :)

elisha said...

after reading 3 for me!'s comment, i realized my comment sounds a little negative. i have LOVED homeschooling my boys. it is challenging, but it has been such an incredible experience. and i have been able to see--on our homeschooling days--how much they love to learn.