Sunday, October 5, 2008


I had pulled the bag of french fries out of the freezer for the main reason of checking the calorie/fat/fiber count to record on my Weight Watchers tracking for the day. I hadn't been able to resist stealing 10 of my kids shoestring fries at dinner (just so you know one serving of Cascasdian Farms Shoestring Fries is only 2 points!)

Owen saw me holding the bag and even though he had eaten them for dinner he asked for the first time, "Safe for me?"

Max had always had great awareness of his allergies and by age two would bring me things and say "Mommy, read label?" But Owen has not shown the same awareness (or restraint) when it come to food. So I was quite proud that he seemed to be exhibiting an awareness of his own food allergies. "Yes" I replied "These are safe for you."

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