Friday, April 11, 2008

Multitude of Events Equals Multitudes of Substitutions

Okay, so I'm exaggerating but we do have a lot of outside the home events to attend this weekend. Today I have been running through the mental list of things I need to bake, buy or otherwise get together.

Here's the list:
Saturday afternoon birthday party: The mother is keeping it simple (Bless her!) She is serving fruit, juice and cookies. Note to self: Bake cookies

Saturday evening auction and dinner at Max's school, kids are going to onsite child care (only $30 after paying $80 last week for a sitter this is a steal.): They are serving the kids ice cream and were going to serve goldfish crackers but changed to teddy grahams. Note to self: Buy Tufutti Ice Cream (Chocolate) and send along own ice cream scooper (so my kids don't get cross-contaminated ice cream).

Sunday Newcomers Welcome Luncheon at our church: croissant sandwiches and sliced wraps (from Costco), potato salad and cole slaw (Safeway deli), brownie bites (Costco), Country Time lemonade and sparkling water. Glad she gave me a complete list but this requires I bring along complete lunches for Max and Owen. To make it simple I'll pack: Turkey wraps, Pillsbury crescent rolls (Note to self: buy Crescent Rolls), Carrot slaw (grated carrots) and the cookies I will have already baked.

Why the list? I titled this blog "Everyday with Food Allergies" because I wanted other people to see the preparation that happens for events that people without food allergies don't have to think twice about. I also want to say that a year ago I probably would have only done the birthday party and skipped the school dinner and church luncheon all together. But I can't keep us all shut away in a house. We need to build a community, make friends and get involved. Unfortunately this often involves events with food. So we will just need to learn to deal. Bring our own food. Watch carefully. And carry an Epi-pen (or two or three).


Ariel said...

You are my hero! Someday your kiddos are going to appreciate all the extra effort you put into making sure they are included in food-related activities. said...

I'm glad to see your back online. You're doing such a great job, thanks for all the tips. This life is really hard and your making it a little bit easier.

Julie B said...

Oh, I can so relate! My daughter is allergic to dairy, soy and gluten, and I spent last night and this morning cooking up things for her to eat at a birthday party she was going to with my husband (that was 3 hours away) It's exhausting, but whats the alternative?

I am glad I have discovered your blog, its nice to connect with others who are also going through this as well.

All Adither said...

I totally understand. You're a great mom for doing all that. Someday they'll appreciate it so much.


Amy said...

Sounds so familiar! I wish non-allergy people knew the fear we experience when we hear 'this year his party will be at a pizza place', etc.
And for us, it's not just about the ingestion, it's about the contact, & the praying no one will kiss her on the cheek after they've eaten their cheesy pizza or their ice cream. Ugh.
One day, our kiddos will outgrow these allergies (fingers crossed!!) & our lives will seem so carefree!