Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Scramble

About two weeks ago I realized I hadn't ordered a chocolate bunny from one of the nut free chocolate companies but thought "Oh, there is still plenty of time for delivery." Imagine my horror when I went online to find that both Vermont Nut Free and Amanda's Own were no longer offering shipping for Easter due to high demand. What was I to do? I drove myself to Michaels in a frantic search for a bunny mold and snagged the last Easter themed lollipop mold. So tonight I have been melting safe chocolate chips and pouring them into the bunny, chick, egg and flower shape. Okay, it really didn't take me that long. Max may still question why he doesn't have a full sized bunny but at least he'll have chocolate.

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All Adither said...

This is the FIRST year I've thought to order from Amanda's Own. It was a neat experience seeing his face when he got his first chocolate bunny. Sorry you weren't able to grab any this year. I did order ridiculously early.