Saturday, March 15, 2008

ACTUAL Letter to the teachers

So here is ultimately what I did send to Max's teachers. I'll have to address all my other issues differently. Namely the distribution of the life-threatening food allergy list.

Via email:

First off I am sorry my sons were so distracting at our committee meeting yesterday. It was hard for me to focus or perhaps I would have been able to bring up these issues while we were all still together.

I have been pondering the food for the Asia Trip since our meeting and I have a few thoughts. The way the event is structured now is for many people to bring various foods making for a pot luck of sorts. I think this leads to a host of logistical problems. Where and how is the food set up? What about utensils/dishes/napkins, etc.? Where do people sit to eat? I feel a pot luck leads to people standing in line to get food, children focusing more on eating than enjoying Asia and a lot of garbage to clean up. How do we control the crowd and the mess? I just fear a pot luck might overshadow the real purpose of the "Asia Trip" which is to explore Asia not feed everyone lunch.

Here is my idea: What if one or two foods were choosen for each country and many people asked to bring the same thing already sepearted in to bite sized portions. For example a small bite-sized samosa for India, Shredded colored cocoanut or Chinese crackers in a small cup for China. The food would then be kept at a "kiosk" near the set for each country so the children could enjoy a small "snack" in each country. This way they could easily distinguish which culinary delight belongs to which country and still be hungry for lunch later on.

I also have food allergy concerns regarding a pot luck which I feel could be minimized with the "kiosk" idea. But that is an issue we can discuss later.

Please see my ideas as my way of offering options and simplifying this wonderful event.

What do you think?

End transmission


Ariel said...

Sounds like a much better plan to me. I like the idea of the "food stations"- seems like it serves the purpose of the activity much better than a big buffet of random food.

debbieandboys said...

Hi Purple Mommy, I just found your blog in my Readers Digest under "Get-Real Food Allergy Advice" It peaked my interest as to what was real advice was. I noticed it said nothing of the BEST ever advice I've received. I'm qualified to say I have dealt with your very real frustrations, but in August 2007 I saw a doctor who has literally changed my world. Please contact me through my blog and I'll email you what changed my 4 year olds world of food. He was severely allergic to milk,(and much more we didn't know of) with no hopes of tasting dairy in his life. Now he eats anything he wants. The remedy is out there and there are medical providers who offer it in Virginia. If you're not interested then don't contact me, but very seriously, please don't just overlook this. I'm just a stay home mom with nothing to profit except that I wish someone had told me of this sooner.

1AllergyMom said...

I'm totally confused by "debbieandboys" comment. If it's regarding alt treatment, why not just include the info? Take a look at for some alt treatment in Herndon used by some of the LAN members. Mostly effective for environmental allergies so far, but food treatments have been considered. I'm just not ready to go there and it's of course not covered by insurance.