Sunday, November 25, 2007


Driving a long distance with children is difficult. Driving long distance with food allergic children requires extra packing. We went to have Thanksgiving with our in-laws. We packed everything we were going to cook right down to the margarine. No stopping at restaurants; had to pack everything we were going to eat on the road as well.

We stopped at the same hotel we did last time we traveled to Alabama. Last time though we got McDonald's to eat in the hotel room and on a whim got Chicken Selects which appeared safe instead of our usual plain hamburger. Max threw up in the middle of the night.

Of course this is what he remembers from our last hotel stop. He requested that we bring our food and not buy anything "because, remember, I threw up last time."


All Adither said...

Hmm. Did you ever figure out what in the Chicken Selects made him throw up? My Max is allergic, i think, to the same things your Max is, and he eats Chicken Selects regularly. I wonder if it was some fluke cross-contam issue.

That said, another woman on my food allergy board's son had an ana. reaction to Chicken Selects. Somehow it'd been x-contaminated with something with dairy. I felt terrible because I'd recommended the Selects.

Traveling is a whole different animal when you have food allergy kids. Something someone w/o food allergy kids would never fully understand.

new allergie mom said...

poor kid, he's traumatized!

traveling by car, at least you can controll what goes on. i just flew with my 19 month old and they served peanuts, even after i told everyone at every counter and the stewardesses themselves!

they refused not to! what do you do with that?

needless to say i was a complete wreck the entire six hour flight!