Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Really Can't Be In Two Places At Once

"We'll see you tomorrow at the Mother's Day Tea!" is what Max's teacher said to me that triggered the "Oh crap! I screwed up!" Owen's allergy appointment had been scheduled for months. It was too late to change it and I could not be at Mother's Day Tea and at the allergist at the same time. So, I did it. I sent the husband who was so kind to rearrange his schedule to go. I sent him with pages of notes and questions and....he came back with notes which elicited more questions from me.

I really just wanted to confirm if he is really allergic to sesame and how serious his sunflower seed allergy is. Going into daycare this summer (while I'm in school) I just want to have a good read on what his true allergies are. At this particular appointment he skin tested positive to milk, egg, peanut, mustard seed, soy, strawberry, trees, grass, dog and dust mites. David told her he eats strawberry and soy without problem and she said they were probably false positives. The peanut is new (he had a previous negative RAST). David told the doctor Owen didn't like mustard which me being the Mom knows Owen eats mustard in baked beans all the time and doesn't have a problem with it. Also the wheal for peanut and mustard seed was the same size as the strawberry and soy, so couldn't they be false positives? The only thing he skin tested negative for was sesame...

"So we are clear for sesame?" I ask my husband. "I don't know, she didn't say" was his reply. "She didn't skin test sunflower seed?" "No, she didn't" So instead of clearing up my questions about sesame and sunflower seed we have new allergies to worry about.

I took him for the blood test yesterday. Owen was great, Max was a pain (and he wasn't the one getting anything done.) I'll wait for the results and try to sort things out with the doctor.


3 for Me! said...

Crazy that he had soo many false positives with the skin test, sounds like it's not very reliable for you guys. Hopefully the blood tests will give better results.

Nice your hubby could go to the DRs. But I always have MORE questions after he comes back from the Drs with the kids or himself:)\

BUt I don't guess he would have gone to the tea for you:) LOL

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

you know, that came up at our last appointment in NY. The Eldest had identically sized reactions for the skin testing to kidney beans, pinto beans and navy beans - and I hadn't realized he was getting the navy bean test.

I told the allergist that he'd eaten seconds of a chili with navy beans just the night before, and she was thrilled. She said that in that case, maybe he could eat all three. Certainly, he should keep eating the navy beans, and we should see if the bloodwork for the pinto and kidney was low enough - if so, we'd food challenge those two.

So your reasoning makes sense to me, but that's just based on our experience with our kids. Did you get to ask the allergist your follow-up questions?

here's hoping that you get this puzzle clarified - it's so promising AND confusing at the same time!

Infant Bibliophile said...

I just discovered your blog -- this week we confirmed our 18 month old is allergic to wheat, egg, milk, tree nuts (4 of 'em), and sesame. We're awaiting the blood test results to confirm - it seems like there are always more questions. So I am blog-hunting for some moral support! I wanted to just tell you that when I read your first paragraph I thought, "how funny, she sent her husband to the mother's day tea." That's what a control freak I am ... it didn't occur to me at first to NOT go to the doctor's! Good for you surrendering the reins when you needed to. And thank you for sharing your experiences so those of us with kids a little younger will be prepared.

purplemommy said...

Infant Bibliophile,

That made me giggle. I actually did consider sending him to the tea but immediately knew my 6 year old would not be pleased.