Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Numbers

We got the numbers late last week and then I misplaced them so I had to call the allergist back yesterday to get them again. So here's my little chart from when we first started blood tests to now.

2004 Egg 1.45 Milk 2.71 Peanut 1.61
2005 Egg 1.10 Milk 2.36 Peanut 1.80
2006 Egg 1.34 Milk 0.90 Peanut 1.09 Cashew 2.67 Pistachio 3.40
2008 Egg 1.59 Milk >.35 Peanut 0.51 Cashew 1.40 Pistachio 2.08
2009 Egg 2.86 Milk 0.17 Peanut 0.49 Cashew 1.63 Pistachio 1.55

Dr. B. started off saying that the results were a little disappointing but after getting the news I didn't think it was all that disappointing. Maybe she was hoping for more negatives than I was. She did say it was unfortunate that we had to switch labs as different labs run different types of RAST tests. One runs the ImmunoCap and the other the CAP FEIA (I don't remember which runs which). But as we have moved over the years, switched allergists, etc, I couldn't tell you which year or what lab used which type of test. All I have is the numbers. Dr. B. said the numbers could vary though from one test to another.

Looking at the numbers there is a definite downward trend with all Max's allergens except one. Egg. I asked if that was an indication he wouldn't outgrow egg and Dr. B. responded that his body just seemed to be a little stubborn (possibly like his whole little being.)

I think Dr. B. was most disappointed with the milk as though it is less than .35 it is still there. She rescinded the at home challenge but did say if we wanted we could do an office oral challenge if I didn't think it would be psychologically hard on Max if he didn't pass as we wouldn't challenge than again for another year. I got the feeling with a positive (no matter how small) blood test and a still fairly large skin test positive, the doctor is thinking he won't pass a challenge.

So I told Max I had his blood test results back. He very adult like turned to me and said "So, what do they say." I said milk was low but still positive and he could challenge again but would he be disappointed if he didn't pass? He said "No, I'd be okay. " "So do you want to do it?" I questioned. "Yes" was his reply.

I made the appointment yesterday for March 31st. Though I sometimes question whether I like this doctor, I have to say it is great not having to wait too long for appointments.


Speedbump Kitchen said...

Good luck! Our allergist (though wonderful) was so pessimistic about any outgrowth of allergies this year based on past RAST testing...he didn't even bother to retest. That was a bit of a bummer.

Elisabeth said...

Good Luck - and I feel your pain on having to wait. I called to schedule my son's follow up skin testing and the soonest available at the location closest to our home was May 13th!!! We asked for the closest available at the further location - earliest appointment (and the one we took) - April 14th! CRAZY!

Hopefully we won't have a hard allergy week (needing neb treatments, Zyrtec and/or Benadryl)and have to reschedule like we've done the past few times.

Leigha said...

I think his numbers look great. The downward trend on the milk and peanut is wonderful. Definitely looks like he's outgrowing those two. Will be very excited to hear the results of the milk challenge.

Jennifer B said...

What do you think about these recent discussions about the lack of accuracy of blood tests and skin tests? Will you be doing skin testing again now?

Ariel said...

That milk number sure is low! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on the 31st.

Allergy Mom said...

Congrats! Even if they don't get into the negative, I'm always thrilled when they drop (especially peanut) because it means that a life threatening reaction is less likely.

Good luck with the challenge! Libby

Joanna said...

Those scores look great to me. My doctor said he would do food challenges for scores less than 2 (except for peanut). Good luck! You must be very proud of your brave little guy.