Friday, August 29, 2008

First Week of School In Review

From a food allergy perspective last week went fine. The nurse actually called me the second day of school to see if I had any concerns. She said the girl who sits next to Max brought a peanut butter sandwich (for snack) the first day so they were going to talk to her parents and see if this would be an every day thing. If so they were going to switch seats. There is one other peanut allergic kid in the class so I don't know why they just didn't sit them together to begin with. There was a birthday so I sent in a cupcake. The teacher has provided me a list with all the birthday dates for the year.

I was more anxious than I think I was acknowledging. This is typical for me. I felt horrible all week. My stomach hurt. I generally felt on edge. Just dropping him off the first day was hard. But I didn't cry until Friday morning when the teacher asked if we could set up a conference because Max was having trouble "socially". I really think she means behaviorally. Apparently he was doing some pushing in line. I'm not surprised his behavior is less than perfect. He was testing everything last week. Throwing a fit when I asked him to set the table. Refusing to stay in his bed the night we had a babysitter. (He was up at 10:30pm when we got home.) He is a child who is terrible in transitions and likes to test and re-test to see how far he can take something. However, after just 3 half days of school was his behavior bad enough to warrant a sit down conference? My mind immediately went to dark places. With multiple life-threatening allergies, he's probably already not a favorite in the teachers mind. Add on a possible behavior problem and I fear a private school might suggest he's not a "fit". My husband thinks I'm being silly and after a weekend under my belt I'm looking at the situation from a different angle but Friday morning I went out to my mini-van and cried.

Tomorrow we start full day and car pool. They will have lunch at school as well as snack (all provided by parents). So we'll see what this week will bring.

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

HUGS!!! Your guy sounds A LOT like my guy. Same behavior. I hope things get better this week. Maybe he's just as nervous as you are and he's showing it by acting out? I hope you have a good meeting with the teacher and I hope this week goes smoother.